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We talk dog.

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Communicate clearly with your canine companion

Does your 120-pound Newfie greet your guests by jumping on them with a shower of slobbery kisses? Does your tiny terrier mix terrorize your neighbor's kitty? Or does your Lab test the limits of your shoulder socket while dragging you along for a walk?

The Canine Coach can help. With practical advice and a personalized dog training program founded on scientific knowledge of canine learning and behavior, we talk dog. Our rewards based group training and private training teaches you how to communicate clearly with your dog so he knows what you want him to do. And our motivating methods make training fun for both you and your dog. 

The Canine Coach also offers boarding with training at our beautiful, forested five-acre property. With us minding your pooch, you can relax during your vacation, knowing your dog is busy, happy, and having fun in a comfortable home setting –– and learning new skills!

So give us a call! We will help you and your dog become an effective team. You'll gain a deeper connection with your canine best friend and help your dog or puppy become a treasured member of your family.

Learn more about Susanna Hemphill, The Canine Coach founder and trainer.

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Private Training

Get all the individual attention you need with our positive, rewards-based training. Great for building good manners or solving problems.

Boarding & Training

Give your dog the comforts of home ––  when you're away from home –– by boarding him in our home at our beautiful training camp.

Group Classes

Training and socialization for puppies, pet manners and obedience skills for dogs. Our small group, rewards based training makes every session fun!