Private Training

In some cases, training your dog alone and away from other dogs may be easier and more effective than joining a group class. Many dogs are distracted by group class environments, and may become either fearful or overly excited around barking dogs, a new training location, or strangers.

For those dogs, learning is easier in a less stressful environment. For example, if your dog lacks confidence, he will find it easier to learn new skills in a familiar area such as your backyard. Or if your dog is reactive towards strange dogs or people, he needs to gain new skills under controlled, private training situations before being able to participate in group classes.

As The Canine Coach, I offer two types of private training. Basic Dog Training is for young, adolescent, or even adult dogs who don’t have behavioral problems to correct but do need to learn basic skills and good manners. Behavior Modification Training corrects or mitigates an unwanted behavior, such as fearfulness, excessive prey drive, or being out of control on leash.

Not sure which type of training is appropriate for your dog? I’m happy to provide a free 30-minute phone consultation to point you in the right direction and plan goals for your private training. Please give a call at 530 478 1536.

–– Susanna Hemphill,  The Canine Coach


Training Packages

We offer a 4-session or 6-session package for private training, for both Basic Dog Training and Behavior Modification Training. Each package includes a free initial session of 75 minutes, at your home. Here's the training process:

  1. Free 30-minute phone consultation.

  2. First training session at your home, 75 minutes, free with purchase of a package.*

  3. Additional 60-minute training sessions at your home or at a park. Our 4-session package costs $300. Our 6-session package costs $400.

  4. Follow-up free 30-minute telephone consultation 2 to 3 months after your last training session.

* If after your first training session you decide you don't want to purchase a package, cost for this session is $80.

Travel fee (per lesson; from my office to your house/the training location): $15 for 20-30 minutes and $20 for 35-45 minutes; first 15 minutes free.

Basic Dog Training

Have you recently adopted a dog? Or has a puppy just joined your family? Now is the time to teach your new pet good manners before unwanted habits are formed. I will show you how to teach your dog basic obedience skills in a way that is simple and effective. First, I'll work with you to help your dog perform the correct behavior using food lures that are quickly turned into rewards.

Next, once your dog has learned the new behavior, we switch to intermittently rewarding with either food or a toy depending on what motivates your dog. As we ignore or prevent unwanted behaviors and reward good behaviors, your dog will quickly understand what you want and will choose the correct behavior.

Basic Dog Training can be customized to your priorities. Among the behaviors usually taught are:

  • "Sit," "Down," "Stand," "Wait," and "Stay"

  • "Leave it," "Come," and "Touch"

  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Polite greetings / no jumping up to greet

Positive, rewards based training methods make training fun for you because you typically see results after only a few training sessions, and sometimes within a single session. Instead of feeling confused or stressed, your dog will learn to love training. As a bonus, you will bond with your new pet, and your dog or pup will start to see you as a consistent, predictable, benevolent leader he can trust and look up to.



Behavior Modification Training

If your dog has developed an unwanted behavior, we need to implement a behavior modification plan that teaches your dog alternatives to the unwanted behavior and minimizes the negative effects on your family. Many times we teach these alternative, appropriate responses through games. By focusing on the game, your dog learns a new response, which reduces his anxiety and calms him.

For dogs who have social issues –– for example, with chasing the family cat, being fearful of men, or barking and lunging at other dogs during walks –– training needs to occur where these issues can be addressed under controlled circumstances. This often means initial training at your home. After you and your dog have learned new skills and alternative behaviors, it’s time to go practice them away from the familiar environment in gradually more difficult situations at a park or other social venue.

Through gradual exposure under controlled trigger levels, we will teach your dog coping skills in increasingly challenging environments. Your dog gradually develops a new emotional response to the thing he previously reacted to, as he learns to tolerate or ignore it.

Typical problem behaviors we work on are:

  • Excessive prey drive; impulse control issues.

  • Lack of confidence / fearfulness around other dogs.

  • Reactivity/leash frustration.

  • Fearfulness around men or anxiety around children.

  • Attention seeking with inappropriate behaviors.

  • Lack of house manners.

The ultimate goal of Behavior Modification Training is to make both you and your dog less stressed and more comfortable. We aim to improve the quality of interactions with your family, your friends, and with other animals. So that next time you take a walk, relax with family, or greet a friend, your dog will remain calm and behave well. Your dog's problem behaviors will subside, now that he can feel safe, and understand and trust you, his benevolent leader!